Prayer and faith building resources for 6-11 year olds

Below is a list of fantastic resources that are available to help parents have conversations about faith with their children. There are many great resources to help your children pray alone and as a family, as well as other faith filled activities.
A set of articles with fab ideas of ways you can pray with your children at home during this time as well as many other faith based activities to keep your children occupied over the summer. This website is bursting with fun ideas so is well worth an explore!
Youth for Christ
Youth for Christ have produced several helpful resources for families to explore faith together at home.
Gather the Family is a series of videos, discussions and activities on themes such as ‘how do we connect with God?’, ‘living a care-full life’ and ‘loving each other’. They look like great fun and are an easy way to talk about your faith while at home together.
As well as the Gather the Family series, Youth for Christ has also produced a specific set of resources to help you address fears your children may have about the coronavirus. These ‘Fear and Anxiety’ videos and activities are released weekly and can be found via the link below. The ‘children’ resources are the most suitable for 6-11 year olds.
The Kitchen Table Project
The Kitchen Table Project is a brilliant project run by Care for the Family aimed specifically at enabling parents to have conversations with their children about faith in the home. As well as their normal resources which are great to help build your children’s faith, they have also been working to produce specific COVID-19  support.
This is a list of ten simple things you can do to help your children to see who God is while spending time together.
Engage Worship
Engage Worship have produced daily activities to do at home during the pandemic. While they are no longer producing these daily family prayer and worship activities, there are many great ideas so it is well worth a look through if you would like ideas.
Guardians of Ancora
If you are simply feeling exhausted and want to give your children something faith based to occupy them while you get some much needed me time, the Guardians of Ancora digital game is a world that can be entered to bring Bible stories to life! Your children can explore the world of Ancora, complete Bible quests, listen to Bible stories, play quizzes and watch videos. It is a free game app produced by Scripture Union.
Godly Play
This is a list of ten easy things to do with your children to help them to connect with God, with each other and to defeat some boredom.
Going for Growth
There are many links and ideas here to help families live in a Christian way throughout their lives not only on Sundays, for example resources on ‘Self care at home’, ‘Tips from messy church’ and ‘Inspiring a faith that lasts’. Additionally there are further links to signpost you to other great resources.
World Vision
This is a PDF produced by World Vision called ‘Little Pack of Hope’ with a few lovely activities to do with your children which are centred around the COVID-19 pandemic.
Parenting for Faith
This is a great list of articles produced by Parenting for Faith about how to help your children to cope with the challenging circumstances and how to engage their faith at this time. They also produce a Parenting for Faith podcast if this is something that interests you.
Energize resources
As mentioned in previous communication, Westgate Road Baptist Church uses Urban Saints resource platform ‘Energize’ to prepare its sessions for Sunday mornings. We are currently sending weekly sessions to parents and carers filled with activities produced via energize, if you do not currently receive these and you would like to please contact Hannah Rowan or Ruth Harding.
There are many additional activities available on Energize, which are mostly geared towards group sessions. However, if you feel they would be helpful for you and you would like access to these resources for your family please get in contact with Hannah Rowan or Ruth Harding.
Baptists Together
This is a list produced by Baptists Together of resources for children, young people and families. Some are geared towards families wanting information on how to talk with your children about the coronavirus and social distancing.
Care for the Family
Below is a page of information about the support available to families during this difficult time provided by Care for the Family, a Christian charity who work to promote strong family life and help families through difficult times. While this website is not strictly about prayer/ faith in the home it has many helpful articles and is a good place to seek additional support where needed.
They have also produced this PDF of tips to help Christian Parents share their faith and values with their children.

Jonathan Harness, 05/07/2020