Westgate Baptist Church


Sunday is the day we meet for our main worship services. They involve worshiping God through music and prayer, and teaching from The Bible. During most morning services, children are invited to join Young Church groups to learn more about God.

We share communion as part of our services twice a month. This is a special event for committed Christians, but we invite anyone who is not yet a Christian to join us to observe these occasions.


Our morning services start at 10.30am, and usually begin with a lively time of family praise, led by one of our worship leaders and a music group. Children then dig into God's word through an exciting programme in young church, while adults hear God's word explained through preaching. A creche is also provided. Everyone is welcome to stay afterwards for refreshments and chat.

Occasionally, we hold all-age services designed for everybody to be a part of.


See our notices for dates and times of evening services.