Westgate Baptist Church


Many people who attend Westgate Baptist Church regularly choose to become church members. We believe this is a system which is consistent with the first churches established in The Bible, and the way they have taught us to operate. At present, we have about 120 members.

Church membership involves committing to the life of the church. Members take responsibility for carrying out jobs that make the life of the church run smoothly, for caring for people who come to Westgate Baptist, and for helping organise the church through matters voted on at members' meetings.

These meetings are held at least four times a year, at which decisions are taken on issues such as finances, staff issues, and the church's future strategy. Virtually every aspect of life at Westgate Baptist Church exists because of decisions taken by members.

We encourage people who are committed Christians to become church members. However, anyone who does not feel ready to take this step is very welcome to attend the church and join in all of our other meetings.